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Proudly Serving Daytona Beach, FL & surrounding areas!

Our attention to customer service, quality, consistancy, and our attention to detail has made us a favorite location to get the freshest seafood & specialty foods in our community. Learn more about our company and our products on the following pages.

Here at Stoney Farms Seafood, we are a take-out only market offering raw and live seafood. We specialize in blue crabs. However, we are a FULL seafood market offering many other seafood and specialty items such as Stoney's famous lump crab cakes, crab legs, many varieties of shrimp, scallops, fresh oysters, gator tail, frog legs, lobster tail, fresh whole fish, fish filLets, conch, and crawfish JUST to name a few. IF YOU SEE any items we dont offer, we have the ability to order it and bring in any itemS with just a couple days notice.

We also offer our fresh seafood to be steamed, boiled, or fried. many of our customer favorites feature our wide variety of crabs, shrimp, oysters, and fish and much more. If you don't have the time or energy to cook we have many options for take out meals. Check out our menu for prices on the varieties of food and baskets that we offer. WE HAVE MANY CHOICES AND OPTIONS FITTING ANY BUDGET. You can come in OR CALL to place your order. wE OFFER DELIVERY AS WELL IF YOU CANT MAKE IT IN TO THE STORE.

All of our fresh seafood and other food is sold raw. we offer a cooking service to have your food COOKED FRESH TO ORDER for a small fee. Your order will be worth the wait knowing that you will get the freshest, best quality, and most consistent product every time you visit. THERE IS NO SHORT CUT TO THIS TYPE OF GREATNESS! This is "Stoney's Style" and can never be anything less than the best for our guests! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding THAT GOOD FOOD TAKES TIME TO MAKE. The average wait time per order is 25-35 minutes. Wait times may vary depending on the time of day and may increase if it's real busy or during high volume times.

So let us prepare your seafood with the freshest and most delicious ingredients around! Our specialty garlic butter is amazing along with our locally made, freshly mixed spices ensuring you get the most consistant, best tasting, and the best quality products every visit.  gIVE US A TRY AND YOU WILL FIND OUT WHY WE ARE A COMMUNITY FAVORITE. WE'RE HOPING TO BE YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE AREA TO GET GREAT FOOD AND GREAT SERVICE. WE STRIVE FOR 100% SATISFACTION ON ANY AND ALL OF OUR MENU ITEMS AND PREPARE THE FOOD AS IF WE WERE EATING IT PERSONALLY. sO ENJOY OUR OFFERINGS, WE'D LOVE TO SERVE YOU!

If you are in need of larger orders, like half and/or full bushels of crabs, oysters, or other menu items live, raw, or cooked for a party, reunion, or get together, let us do it for you! Group ordering is also available. Call us for more details.

Not from the Daytona Area? Please visit our sister website to have our fresh quality seafood products delivered right to your doorstep!

If you require further assistance, or have questions, give us a call at 386-308-1194, or stop on by! Our friendly staff will be there to help you always. Thank you for visiting!

About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Learn more about our company’s origins and about our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!


Cash discount pricing in effect. There is a 3.99% charge to use credit/debit/phone pay.

Stoney Farms

Seafood, Crab, and More

683 Mason Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Phone: (386) 308 1194


Business Hours:

Closed: Sunday & monday

Tues-Thurs: 11AM-7PM

Fri-Sat: 11AM-8Pm

seafood delivery online

DoordAsh delivery or pick up

**NOTE:** Our kitchen closes 30 min prior to store close!

Offering quality Seafood and Meat Products.

For Take-out only.

Sold raw or cooked

fresh to order!



Offering Fresh Fish daily! Locally and Exotically caught

Stop in or call for more info on varieties we have to offer you. We can order many types that you may not see in the store!




OFFERING FISH FILETS! Grilled, steamed, or fried. 

Red Snapper, Grouper, Flounder, Salmon, Catfish, Haddock, Cod, Mahi, Tilapia, Whiting and more!



Not from the area? Check out our sister website here to have our products shipped anywhere, nation wide!



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